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Confidence in Your Body's Unique Needs

Receive personalised advice to

improve your nutrition and lifestyle through urine testing


Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

Users can test a range of parameters in their urine from the comfort of their homes.

Within 60 seconds, users will receive results and personalised advice through the Elosia software app.

Weekly testing will enable users to understand their body’s unique needs, increase performance, energy and overall wellness through personalised nutrition plans and positive lifestyle changes.

Begin Your Wellness Journey Today


How it Works


Urinate on the Test Strip


Receive Personalised Advice


Scan the Test Strip


Improve Your Nutrition & Lifestyle

What Are We Testing?

Overall Wellness

pH, Nutrition


Vitamin C




The Elosia App

Personalised advice based on your results, personal health metrics, previous results and background health information

Nutrition plans tailored to your body’s needs by our nutritionists

Track your progress and take control of your health

Instant results

Wellness score

Track your progress


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