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Empowering People Through Pee

Elosia's home urine tests are helping people understand the unique balance of their body


The Elosia App


Personalised advice based on your results, personal health metrics, previous results and background health information

Nutrition plans tailored to your body’s needs by our nutritionists

Track your progress to understand the effects of any lifestyle changes on your body.

Download the Elosia App today, it's free!


Add notes to keep track of any changes in your diet or lifestyle

Ensure  you always maintain an optimal level of hydration

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Body: the Key is Pee



Receive your home urine test strips through the post

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Get immediate results based on your ketone, hydration, nutrition, vitamin C and electrolyte levels - our clever algorithm will create a personalised plan especially for you


How to use2.png

Pee on an Elosia strip, wait 60 seconds and scan it with the Elosia software App


How to use 4.png

Use the data to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle, with the help of our dedicated support team



Test weekly to map your progress and stay in tune with your body's unique needs

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Get Started Today

One-Off Health MOT

Curious about the state of your health? Our 1-month supply of Elosia strips will give you a useful benchmark, and you can upgrade at any time to continue your wellness journey.

4 strips

Free worldwide shipping


12-Month Subscription

This is your year to make healthier choices - use one test strip each week and track your improvements with ongoing personalised advice.

48 strips/year (pay monthly)

Free worldwide shipping

30 days money back guarantee


4-Month Subscription

Discover the unique needs of your body and undertand what you need to change with our weekly pee test. If you love it (we think you will!) you can upgrade at any time.

16 strips/4 months (pay monthly)

Free worldwide shipping

30 days money back guarantee



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