What do we test for?

Home urine tests - also known as urinalysis - are nothing new, but our pee-oneering approach differs from other urine testing kits in a few important ways.



What are ketones and what does it mean if you have ketones in your urine?

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Why are electrolytes important in the body, and how can you test for them?

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What is dehydration and overhydration, and how can you test your hydration level?

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Urine pH

What pH should your pee be and happens if the balance is off?

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Vitamin C


Why is vitamin C important and where is it found?

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One-Off Health MOT

Curious about the state of your health? Our 1-month supply of Elosia strips will give you a useful benchmark, and you can upgrade at any time to continue your wellness journey.

4 strips

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12-Month Subscription

This is your year to make healthier choices - use one test strip each week and track your improvements with ongoing personalised advice.

48 strips/year (total £96/year)

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4-Month Supply

Discover the unique needs of your body and undertand what you need to change with our weekly pee test. If you love it (we think you will!) you can upgrade at any time.

16 strips/4 months (total £48/4 months)

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A preventative approach to health

Many urine tests, both those that are available over the counter and those that can be arranged by a doctor, are intended to pick up on infections and diseases. Elosia’s approach is different: we recommend that you continually use our urinalysis test strips once a week as a way of monitoring your health.


Regular testing is key to plotting trends in your personal health data and understanding what actions work or don’t work for your body. We think that the best approach to health is preventative rather than curative; instead of waiting for symptoms, why not tune into your body’s regular rhythms? That way, you can make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle based on clear data, and if you do notice something out of the ordinary, you can seek medical advice before symptoms even start to show.

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Putting your health in your hands

Here at Elosia we are committed to making personal health data available to everyone, regardless of access to specialist lab equipment. That’s why we have made it our mission to empower people through pee.



Using our urinalysis tests strips in combination with our free app, you can have high quality health data at your fingertips for as little as £8 a month. (But make sure you wash your hands after touching the strip... just saying!)